Today, as I pulled out of my driveway, a big black truck barreled around the corner and approached way too fast. I backed the car up into the driveway because that felt safer than trying to accelerate in front of such a vehicle. The car slowed to a stop and waved me out of my driveway in front of him. I realized it was the new mayor. What a generous man. Didnt want to crash into me so he stops dead in the middle of the street.

Great option. Not. Cause in this act of generosity, another truck came barreling around the same turn. What occurred becomes a metaphor immediately in my mind– here is a man who is trying to self correct from one inappropriate act by creating a new dangerous chain of events.

Our mayor is another name for a male turkey, which seems remarkably fitting for a leader whose first meeting as mayor included a request for an ordinance that makes it illegal for citizens to speak for more than 5 minutes at a town meeting. Now who do you think that was for? Let me tell you who- since I know for a fact who- that new rule was needed to “contain me” your frelinghuysenfolly blogger- a regular attendee of meetings who speaks from a list of issues and questions. Our new mayor, a real visionary, sees the value in shutting down communication because he knows that if he limits information he maintains a better, more conducive for himself, power structure.

Here I was thinking that my elected officials were interested in what the people thought who they represent. Here I sit realizing that they don’t represent us, they represent themselves. My new mayor is very interested in making sure I know what they think and they have very minimal interest in what we think. So really, we now have town meetings so that our elected officials can report about what they will do, rather than to ask their public what they should do. Utopian is far far away from this 2000 person hamlet.