Thank you so much for your comments (commented on Stats post). I welcome them.

In fact, I enjoy living in a place where there are multiple points of view.  Wouldn’t it be lovely if I received that same respect from you and others?

Unlike you, whose point of view is represented in your elected officials, I do not have my views represented; nor do I feel the same warm and fuzzy feeling.  I would contend that good government comes from understanding the gamut of possibility rather than the limitation.  Being critical is not synonymous with being unhappy (and certainly not if you are an academic or an educator or a writer by trade). Raising issues is not saying “you are not doing anything right.” These leaps in judgment do not apply to me. Being aware that one action creates a chain of events is pragmatic- and pragmatism is healthy. I place my right hand over my heart and salute the American flag with conviction, and bet I share many of the core values with you about what it means to be an American; most relevant to this conversation is the notion of free speech.

I want to be clear with my readership- I am working on a utopian novel. Novel equals non-fiction. To quote from the blog “about” page; “Please consider this blog an on-going work intended to serve as a visionary statement on issues and problems of a small town jersey girl navigating the intersections of humanity and government.” I would like to suggest that this is not a blog site for you, but I know for a fact there are many that would apply to you. If you are interested in reading my novel, great. If you are not interested, please don’t bother showing up.

This is a creative endeavor; I am not trying to please a crowd or garner votes.  What motivates speech from people whose intent it is to garner votes is secondary to this citizen’s blogging exercise. Did you know that Memorial Sloan Kettering in NYC has done research that shows that writing relieves stress, and that healthy relief for stress prevents illness? So please understand me as an artist and a cultural worker, and an engaged citizen; I am using writing as a tool of self-expression and self-health.

Finally- there is a big difference about me writing on my blog about my own parenting issues, and my own experiences, and being a commenter who makes value judgments about another parent’s skills or approaches. I would never tell another parent what they should or should not do with their children (unless perhaps they asked for my opinion). It is one kind of act to comment on one’s own experience and parenting issues, it is quite another act to pass judgment on another parent. Congratulations on your perfect entrance in to the folly!