Dear Scott,

Thanks for your posts to the “almost hit by a black truck” post and the “Tale of the Wood Chipper” post.

They say that really great art strikes a chord deep in humanity.

Great art makes people impassioned.

Great art has the power to shift people’s thinking.

I believe that is true! And your entrance onto the stage of the folly is met with grave concerns, and for me they circulate in the area of government and humanity.

In my utopian world I am imagining a place where if you make a suggestion, or ask for various things to be considered, you are not complaining. You are not a problem. You are not a negative force.

In my utopian world I am imagining a place where you can write a story and people do not call you a moron, pathetic, a bad parent, a bad driver, a bad citizen, a crack smoker, a liar, and a person on a high horse.

I can write rebuttals to everything you post, explaining how my child never touched the wood chipper because we were there to tell her not to (my issue was really about eliminating the threat of an unsafe environment for everyone), and that I could have exited my driveway just fine, but I don’t like to accelerate fast unnecessarily… because it uses too much gas, backing in was safer and economical, and that I do like a glass of red wine on occasion, and the rum my sister distills at her rum distillery, and caffeine, but that is where my drug line ends. Or perhaps I should write that occasionally we have bad choices as parents which we would file under “being human.”But really, do we have to have this conversation about my stories? Stories? Stories?

I would prefer to focus this conversation on the rage that is emanating from ever part of your person. I am sad for you that you feel so much rage for me. I am hurt by your words (and I am sure this was your intent). By writing a story, I have come to receive so much fear, hate and rage. Wow- feels like Tuscon last weekend in a microcosm.

I think there are great artists who would say that if their words are passionate enough to evoke strong emotion in the reader, then it is successful. Ok- I am going to try to be brave and let you walk all over me with your words. I will let that happen because it seems you need to walk all over me; perhaps it is making you feel better. Perhaps I am aiding you in your own self-healing.

Finally regarding my commentors: They are not me.

 “It’s obvious you wrote this, and then posted your own comment to legitimize yourself.”

False. I want you to try to imagine that not every one in the whole world sees the world the same way you do. And, not everyone sees the world the same way I do. And, I am not telling you that you have to see the world my way. Ok? Wow, so much hate and rage coming from you…

Frelinghuysenfolly novel policy.

Presented to readership on January 14, 2011.

Frelinghuysenfolly will not accept posts that exhibit:

“a culture of fear and hate and rage that I don’t want to participate in.” (earlier blog post Stats Suggest)

But this site is interested in:

“visionary statements on issues and problems of a small town jersey girl navigating the intersections of humanity and government”

Please keep in mind that children could read this site- your language and reference to elicit materials is so often inappropriate for a public blog.