HINKY  Amelia  Google Poem 12/10

(This poem is contructed in the great tradition of the Flarfists; my sweet muse is one. I used a computer search engine “results” for a word or phrase, to construct a poem. Try one at home today!)

Now.  Hinky pinkies’ free documents get information to all of those hinky detractors. Hinky Dinky market chains, arousing suspicion, allow you to block unwanted calls or SMS using a blacklist a thousand miles long to begin one step. This word is of unknown origin; “hinky” from an old Dragnet episode. It’s a crime scene and the word cannot be found. That milk taste hinky to you? … an underworld term for ‘wary’, and hence ‘nervous or jumpy’?  The word is often found; first in the 1950s, it has long use, and went unrecorded owing to the primarily oral nature of its subcultures. Feature has been added: The Hinky Meter. Something as yet indefinable, out of place; not quite right: a camel in the tent. The humble petition– who only asks that he may put his nose into the traveler’s tent. It is so pitiful, so modest, so needy. The emitter relents and grants out of generosity. Feeling hinky and was starting to think that it was a setup to look askance at tents and camels. Because, it’s not in the dictionary. And therefore, the word won’t make it into professionally edited writing. Google News today returns 24 instances of “hinky,” from blogs meshings that are out of whack.

Conclusion: His directions were a bit hinky, no?

Note: Black English Hinkty (different from White English Hinky), means haughty; aloof; fastidious’.   “She wasn’t a bit hinkty like so many folks” (Langston Hughes, Ways of White Folks, 1934)

Note to character development: Amelia was raised in rural small towns in Maine. She has lived and travelled all over the world. She understands rural and urban in unison. “Big city” ideas is silly.