Hinky is when only men connected to the elected men, get appointed to committees. Hinky is when the same man is appointed to three committees.

Hinky is when an employee is fired as retaliation for saying that the rules are not being followed; and that he is being bullied and treated poorly for speaking his mind.

Hinky is when during an election primary, we have a tie for two whole days, and then suddenly a magic ballot appears out of who knows where, and ends the tie- not in the favor of the incumbent.

Hinky is when town recreation monies are spent on brass plaques instead of summer programs for our kids.

Hinky is when an ordinance is passed, that is acknowledged as wrong

Hinky is when an elected official calls the town you are working for and starts requesting building documents and permits to review a state-owned historic building project you are working with. Hinky is when the Mayor/employer tells you “the elected official in your town actually said ‘I am doing it because ‘it is personal’.”

Hinky is when an attorney says, in a public meeting, “Oh she was an employee in another town I work with and she cost the township thousands of dollars” when none of that is true.

Hinky is when an elected official is voted out of office, and then the new committee systematically takes her off every single committee she is on, and that she has volunteered for, and has served productively on for over 15 years, for no documented or logical reason.

Hinky is when you use the township vehicle for personal use just because you can.

Hinky is when town business is not done in public, or is not documented, or when business goes missing from the minutes!

…to be continued…