Hinky is when you take away the $10,000 payment to an elected official (for budget cap reasons) while also proposing a 900% pay increase for said elected official. (Story reference dialogue materials/April 9th minutes/April 15th minutes).

Hinky is when a fellow citizen says “That is selfish, counterproductive to the community, this blog, and personal growth.” about your utopian writings.

Hinky is when you feel unsafe calling your town hall and the County DPW, about snow build-up at the corners of county routes 519 and 612. You pre-censor this issue, because you are sure you will be “positioned” as “complaining” … even though you want to 1) make a suggestion, 2) improve the situation by having snow removed and increase visibility.

Conclusion: Yesterday I felt so terrible for 4 people injured at this location; we are all sending you and your family prayers. The accident site is at the end of Amelia’s road, and every time she traverses it (in last two weeks) it has felt profoundly unsafe in terms of visibility. Monday, our children were delayed from school because of a “non school emergency.” And what these children reported, when re-routed and held in lock-down at the elementary school because numerous helicopters were taking people away, was “we saw a terrible accident.” Stella drew a picture. We talked about it; they were traumatized and sad. In the newspaper report it states that the cause of the accident was “failure to see a stop sign.” I soo hope that snow was not a compounding factor in these four serious injuries, because I really should have been brave enough to call the town hall and ask them to move snow away from that intersection… just to be safe.

(Novel notation: Amelia can play out this “internal struggle to call or not to call town hall” during a phone conversation with college art curator who is stuck in an airport.http://www.lehighvalleylive.com/warren-county/express-times/index.ssf/2011/01/frelinghuysen_township_acciden.html)