A few months ago, I decided to organize a “Meet the Candidate Night.” I thought that public discussion about policy/position would be good for the public and the candidates. So in September, I got the blessing of the Mayor to proceed, scheduled the town hall for 2 possible dates, October 19/29th at 7:30pm; and invited an impartial moderator and other state level candidates, and asked my three local township committee people, up for the election of two slots, to participate.  

Three congressional candidates and only one local township candidate agreed to participate.  On Wednesday September 22nd, an elected official and I spoke at town hall. He asked me, “Why are you doing this?” I answered, “Because I think public information, and questions/answers are good.” He said, “I am really busy, I have been subpoenaed to testify in a lawsuit against the township, and I am looking for work.” He also stated “I don’t feel comfortable being asked questions by the public.” The other candidate, also an incumbent had initially agreed but wanted all candidates to participate and since they would not, he would not.

There was no Meet the Candidate night in Frelinghuysenfolly. Instead we had stories built about this person and that person; often built on half truths and hyperbole. This is not good politics, this is trickster politics.

If the “community” is so behind their candidates why would everyone hide from a public dialogue? I’ll tell you why, the truth, and an on the record conversation, would have impacted election outcome.