In Amelia’s utopia, a new DPW Municipal building is developed in parallel with a solar farm on town land making the cost of the new DPW Building zero dollars to the taxpayer. The building would be heated and cooled and powered by the solar farm and cost nothing to run (other than insurance/materials) year round.

In Amelia’s utopia, Frelinghuysenfolly buys a new piece of land and develops both a solar farm and a new recreation facility on the new land with zero dollars spent (except for the land purchase). Inside this recreation facility is an interior actually built by public consensus and survey results. This building is not built by a survey done and ignored and disregarded. The building would be heated and cooled and powered by the solar farm thus costing nothing to maintain (other than insurance year round). In my utopia this building would host an interior gym, walking circle, aerobics studio/dance, and art/meeting room.

In Amelia’s utopia, the township does not keep a solar power ordinance that rewards big house owners and punishes small house owners. In frelinghuysenfolly currently, if you are extremely energy efficient, and you conserve electric use to a high level, you will be allowed to put in a smaller system then a home that uses power inefficiently and without conservation. This makes no sense. If I have a small house, but a lot of land, I can produce less solar power than a gigantic mcmansion house on less land. Do you see the issues here? We need a residential power production model that is based on “standards” like the “ideal home solar size is 10kw” rather than site consumption. This approach means that all homes are treated equally, regardless of consumption.

My studio building, a 1000 square foot room, built new, was designed to function on $50 a year; every appliance that is in there was purchased because it pulls power like a toaster oven (designed to be highly efficient). Now tell me, should that become my “equation” for solar investment? Will a “high performance building” have less solar panels than an inefficient McMansion? This is silly. I should be able to install a system that ranges from 10-20kw- as a “home owner” regardless of my consumption or inefficiency/efficiency…

In Amelia’s utopia, she doesn’t fret because she is called out of town and cannot attend a township meeting. In Amelia’s utopia, there are not assumptions made about her absence from a town meeting as “escapism” or avoidance. In Amelia’s utopia her readers accept that she is out of town because her schedule is dictated by more people than just herself, no matter how much she needs/wants to participate in local government.