Amelia Google Poem 2/2011




to stop and pull

back out

of the field.

Utterly silly

resembling asinine.

Are we willing to engage

in link swapping?

Link exchange?

You cannot do

what you like
and you have

to listen more

to the people.

No one can afford

to be arrogant

or undemocratic.

Decry an idiotic tax

on words that damage.

Deplore progress

for the tall and caustic;

for the short and same-sex.

The only thing they are fighting

is the continuance

of “cronyism”

massage the data

gathering money, nature

and fire stations.

Girls keep out.

An absolute joke

by all means

more of the feel

good, blame society

rationalize behavior

same same but


Forgive my undoubtedly

asinine query, but

your entire foundation

is cracked

and mine, according to

the experts from south town,

takes up too much time.