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The driveway is a skating rink. Everything seems to be about slippage. It is icy out there in every sense of the word. Amelia needs a sand delivery. Today she had a harrowing time freeing a minivan. She was not dangerously damaged by a flying board because “I was trying to help someone, or just damn lucky, or maybe I do have guardian angels.”  She could have broken her leg today, had the event transpired differently by degrees. The gutters have an ice jam on the north side; hope no one is under them if they go. A family member has been in the hospital for 6 weeks, and in Amelia’s utopia he is headed home soon for a steady recovery. There are colds, and work demands, and a widowed mother, and unreturned phone calls. Envisioning a utopia is pretty damn taxing at the moment.

But since Amelia will not be at the sacred frelinghuysenfolly monthly meeting, she is hoping solar investment, development, and planning is done with economic/landuse justice in mind. In my utopia we can see that it would be wrong to give more solar power to large inefficient homes, and less to conservation and green architecture.  Each home in our town should be allowed the same amount of power production, and if you propose to go over that base amount, you must apply for a variance. Solar panels are“blight on the landscape” only if you have not reaped the benefit of their contribution, yet. It is evolution and progress. Disliking solar power is like thinking the light bulb was a bad idea because of all the light pollution it casts in the night sky. And eliminating recycling? This is the opposite of progressive; please reconsider this idea. Amelia wonders if the grant writing position will be discussed? Will they receive 3 estimates from competitive writers/firms? Is there a township update concerning lawsuits; are there three? And what is in the works for the annual township gambling night?