NEW BUSINESS in February:

The Clerk brought up the Municipal Software billing which has been revised from$7, 050.00 to $6,326.09 with a savings of $332.95 if paid by March 31. Motion was made and seconded to pay the bill before March 31. All in favor.




 So what is the $332.95?

In Amelia’s utopia all employees, of our tax dollars, are assessed formally, annually. At their performance review session, managed by an outside HR evaluator, a review and a report is filed. This report consists of praise and merit, hours worked, as well as goals for things to do better next year. Then the next year, the employee is assessed based on those things, plus overall performance. This process would be helpful for determining raise % increase for employees who work above and beyond expectation.

And for those who don’t do well on performance reviews, there would be some repercussion. If some, for instance, were always dating almost every town meeting with the incorrect dates, month after month, this would reflect in your review and if you had 15 errors in a year, this would be grounds for dismissal or perhaps the need to seek additional part-time assistance because you are doing more than is humanly possible to manage by one person.