Amelia is writing so much for money right now that writing for “entertainment” and writing for “health” must be conserved in order to have “enough” intellectual and verbal/linguistic energy to enable the delivery of a product acceptable to some of the largest foundations and educational institutions in the nation. But I have been doing research. And when my writing is enabled again (writing not for money), I will unleash this research. Facinating topics including affordable housing, town ‘clean up days” (designed only for truck holders), and more news on the solar front!

In the interim, I want to celebrate a new internet film by Annie Lenox released yesterday. For those who are just being introduced to Annie’s short online educational animations, let me suggest you start with The History of Stuff, and The Story of Bottled Water, The Story of Cosmetics, The Story of Electronics which I screened last year in Hardwick with funding from the Wal-Mart Foundation(can you feel the Robin Hood irony here?). But today, 27,000 people have already watched this internet film. Her most ambitious work to date in that she is trying to fix democracy. You go girl- your utopia and mine will meet on the internet someday and trickle into little towns and villages everywhere.

“…aim big, and set ambitious goals. Without dreaming big, democracy doesnt work.”

Why are corporations telling us who to vote for? Why is Frelinghuysefolly’s town committee members telling us who to vote for? Why are our politicians telling us what we want?  When can we have a townwide history lesson about the theoretical framework of democracy so we can make clear to everyone that “we the people” govern through our representatives, rather than representatives governing us through control and limiting information.

For corporate America and supreme court decision story telling by Annie click here:

For the History of Stuff, recommended for beginners in democratic economics

And this is amazing- Fox News at its most corrupt. They cut a california protest into the Wisconsin news story to create a false impression of the instability of the protestors… Sick, fake news. If this is your information source, beware!  Professional left wingers… what the hell is that? And would that not make O’Rielly a professional right winger- and if we use his same logic- wouldnt that make him a treat?  “Fox News has pushed a litany of falsehoods while reporting on pro-labor protests in Wisconsin, thereby proving right the many Wisconsin protesters who have broken out into chants of ‘Fox News lies.'”

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