Now here is an interesting story about benefits and public employees.

If I had time to write, I would write (more) about The Social Animal: The Hidden Sources of Love, Character, and Achievement by David Brooks  I have referred to Brooks idea of the “composure class” in an earlier entry. I like how he wrote a novel to discuss these philosophical ideas; I like that he does not want to be lonely so he invents characters.

I think Newsweek’s March 1, 2011 article titled “Brain Freeze: How the deluge of information paralyzes our ability to make good decisions”, as a fun read in the County library between kid activities. Fact: If your info (let’s say that you are researching online) stays in the short term memory, rather than transferring to long term memory, it becomes non-relational and discarded by the brain. So, you think you are getting smarter because you know more, but you forget to file it properly in your brain because you don’t actually think or contemplate the issue for a long enough span of time after acquiring it, to make it really stick (or transfer to long term memory).

Did you know that the Warren County Library is serving almost twice as many people as they did last year and the County has reduced their operating budget. The book buying budget stays level… which is not terrible, and I use inter-library loan weekly so as long as that program stays in place I will not be too sad that our county does not value the library enough. I wish I lived in a place where if the service is doing more, for more people, it is not cut. In our rural region, libraries serve as a citical community hub.

I bet if you do not think about this fact (libraries doing more for less), you will not remember it at all tomorrow. Or maybe you already forget the title of the article about forgetting, or about the author’s name who developed the notion of the composure class… it is such a high pitched effort to file all the information properly in the brain!

I have to figure out how to get Dave Matthews to do a benefit concert for one of my projects. Got his home number cause we worked together on a project back when I managed a musician… watching this oldie but goodie: