This just in:

NJ Court OK’s Raid on New Jersey Clean Energy Fund  (158 million reassigned)

Consolidation and school shut down planning in NJ State is underway. Parents in Newark get leaked copy for their region. The ____ hits the fan.

County official caught in lie about Amelia. Repercussions will be severe for offical.

Amelia is called “part of the problem” because they can’t figure out anything else to say about me.

Consultant from Philadelphia calls Amelia’s work visionary.

Blog reader back channel says “your blog is a tour de force” and “your fortitude is to be respected” and “I don’t read blogs, but I read your blog.”

Earthquakes, tsunamis, flooding… the level of unrest, and the waves of its energy, can be felt in frelinghuysenfolly. Thank goodness so far all friends in Japan and elsewhere in the sea’s path seem safe, albiet confused and in pending peril.

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