From page 6 line 35 onward…
In my utopia, Amelia receives a formal apology from her elected officials.

What are they apologizing for? Treating her unfairly.

They are apologizing for erring on the side of “interpreting the law as a way to shut down citizens” from telling them what they believe is important information pertaining to their upcoming meeting agenda.

Fear and panic generates very weird policy enforcement in elected officials.

Why are these politicians filled with such ‘fear and panic policy’?

Nothing in this act shall be
36 construed to limit the discretion of a public body to permit, prohibit
37 or regulate the active participation of the public at any meeting,
38 except that a [municipal governing] public body [and a board of
39 education] , other than the Legislature, shall be required to set aside
40 a portion of every meeting of the [municipal governing] public
41 body [or board of education], the length of the portion to be
42 determined by the [municipal governing] public body [or board of
43 education], for public comment on any governmental [or school
44 district] issue that a member of the public feels may be of concern
45 to the [residents of the municipality or school district] public body.
46 A public body, other than the Legislature, may require members of
the public to sign in before speaking, 1 but only if signing in is
2 permitted up to the start of the comment period and is limited to
3 providing name and municipality of residence. A public body,
4 other than the Legislature, shall be required to provide for public
5 comment on items that are added to the regular meeting agenda that
6 were not on the adequately-noticed agenda three business days
7 prior. In so far as practical, a public body shall also invite public
8 comment before taking final action on any matter at any meeting.
9 Such comments shall be limited to the matter at hand and each
10 person who wishes to speak shall be allowed three minutes. A
11 public body shall permit all proceedings of any public meeting to be
12 recorded, photographed, audiotaped, videotaped, broadcast or
13 recorded for broadcast by any member of the public or news
14 organization, subject only to such reasonable rules as the public
15 body may adopt prior to the meeting to minimize undue disruption
16 to its meetings.