‘The Flurry of it All’

 Google Poem 3/2011

(original phrase used by elected official at meeting to describe Amelia)


In the flurry of modern life,

I’m proud to have

all my original parts.

I am using flurry in my app,

and I am new to that.

I have some doubts.


Breaking down the flurry

of signings

that avoided arbitration

it is possible to select

all 6 letters

in one swift circular motion.

Don’t believe it? Try it!


To be removed

along with almost all of the content

that had ever contributed

to this study:

What do you think of the rest of the data?

Sounds off in the comments.

The flurry theme

with all new amazing icons

we’ve automatically created

an Annual Flurry Festival.


The weekend long festival

draws all ages

drama over the last blizzard,

today’s snowfall

turned out to be a bit of a …

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 ‘The Sound and the Flurry’ via

advanced phones,

one device boldly goes

with no business having all the

flurry hereby reserved.

All rights not expressly granted

herein, their ship, the ‘Flurry’

can jump between parallel universes,

all of which are the same as ours only different.

They’ve gotten a bit lost, and so

snow storm all gusts, less flurry

of dancing flames, after all.

She just likes dancing and being with his lover

“All sales are final, son.”


Hats off to the developers

in the flurry of feedback write-up

Misses the Biggest Point of All.

New features

popping up

in a flurry

all the time,

so it wouldn’t

surprise us

if they all wear the same jerseys

and same numbered pair of shorts

every day

while we wait

for the fog machine

the smoke screen

to lift.