Japan according to Bloomberg’s Business Week? Terrifying- should have picked the gardening magazine thread at the library today rather than the business news. Everyone should review their portfolios for Toyota and electronic holdings; the supply system is compromised. The product just cannot get to market with the small ‘widget’ factories gone or damaged or without power all over Japan. Today Amelia wore black, for the snow blanketing my daffodil buds and the destruction and destabilization can be felt from every corner of the globe; do you feel the waves of it here? Mad Max here we come.

But on a more utopian note, you know, the note that does not falter in the hopelessness of it all, in the note that seeks some resonance with the total picture, brave while sinking… Amelia offers a note that focuses on the things you can change, rather than the things you have no hope of ever having any control over… Amelia turns home.

In December I unplugged the clothes dryer because I was unable to stop myself from using it, at $4 per load (electrical cost per load not including washer). I don’t know why, I had been so good all summer and fall, but winter came and I just had to use her; I couldn’t stop myself. That said, the unplugging, the not having a working dryer, and the convincing myself that she was broken, actually worked in shifting my behavior. I have not used the dryer for one load of laundry in over two months.

Just like the bags for grocery shopping (which I kept in my car for the longest time, always forgetting to enter the store with bags), I finally, after time, taught myself to carry bags into stores (not just out). I finally taught myself (even with the year in south east asia with no dryer) how to do it jersey-style.  I had to lie to myself that my dryer was broken…

So the results, on our electric bill, were so good in January, that I had to test in February too. And here is what I can say, not using a dryer, for an average family of 4, saved $100 a month on electricity (7 loads of laundry per week). And here are a couple of other notes to self; I had written a grant for county wide dryer reduction programs, but Christie eliminated that grant as soon as he arrived in office.

So, things to consider more than once:

  • Clothes Dryer = 435 lbs of CO2 per year!
  • Help Save Species by Saving Energy
  • Americans generate twice as much carbon dioxide as the average Japanese, but Japan is still struggling to meet its limits for CO2 emissions.
  • Since 1990, Japanese household emissions have gone up nearly 40 percent. Some of Japan’s environmental experts attribute that rise to increasing consumerism (dryer sales included).
  • 1 Day = 150 lbs of CO2 per U.S. household – excerpt from the March 2009 issue of National Geographic Magazine titled Saving Energy – It Starts at Home.

Cost of the War in Iraq (after I finished writing my blog entry)