This is just too fun to not post. The reason it transitions to my utopian novel about government and humanity is because of the comments friends made on facebook regarding this post. When we strip grown-ups of the “words” and just make it about the gestures and body language we learn many many things.

I often note body language even above content (this to say I am listening, but I am also always watching). There is one elected official in particular who is amazing with the body language and specifically the sideways stare… as I write this I realize I have to write a poem about sideways stares/stairs… later… anyway. He uses the sideways stare as a kind of intimidation gesture, except I find it amusing rather than intimidating. (like an audience in their underwear to a public speaker?) There is another elected official who starts shuffling his papers and doodling and reading as soon as I start speaking. How do I interpret that? I interpret that as saying (as if out loud) I AM NOT LISTENING TO YOU. YOU DO NOT MATTER TO ME. I am pretty sure this person does this intentionally, and with full awareness hoping I pick up on his total disregard. But then again, what if, like other things that he has said and done, there is no conscious intention.The I guess it is just about a lack of self-awareness,

Comments regarding the video that follows:

“I think those parents are in trouble.”

 “It reminds me of a meeting I was at this a.m. with grown-ups!”

“I think this is how we should be conducting congressional hearings, UN meetings, and televised debates. It’s the non-verbal that says everything!!”

“That was absolutely DARLING. Hysterical. It reminds me of the last corporate america conference call I was involved in…….”

“I used this video as a creative writing assignment with my students this morning. I had them imagine what the boys were saying as if they were adults.”