Demetrius Oliver finds a great reuse for outdated light bulbs. Brilliant images!

Pidgin and Sideways Stares

Amelia Google Poem 4/1/11   (google poems are made by Amelia by entering the title into various search strings and harvesting the text that arrives on the screen from the search)

The sideways stares

at the grammies grow.

The circus ladies,

in their various states

of dishabille, look at

politicians and representatives.

Could try speaking pidgin Chinese

for a month …

Then uncle puts it into gear

and, without a sideways glance

the man gave him another quick

but fractured pidgin.

It didn’t matter; just the talking

seemed to be enough-

some blame pamprey-eel ain’t et him

up sideways. ……

I am a secret agent of the United

States customs and transparency.

Now, go quickly

into our tropical aquarium.

Ours is a two-way observation car.

Put together clumps of pidgin haiku fragments

You stare in the direction he

indicated and think: I am seeing

other noises and thoughts

that walk through

your bowling balls going the wrong way.

Some of the stars are earning

and separated between drama, comedy, talk shows

 the stink of stale beer

with  thick voices

bellowing pidgin:

“Old women, who had been entering their houses, slipped out again!”

Conscious of the smiles and stares and …

neck size across the water-jug

and drawing it back sideways

to see the better.

His pidgin language was simplified

so that he would not utter the ‘taboo word’ ……

He took two large sideways steps

and raised a big side kick across the

faintly conscious smiles

and stares

and nudges

the press

of subjects.