Amelia makes a note to self:

“On February 28, 2011, the Township of Cedar Grove (Essex County), NJ agreed to pay $8,000 to a Millburn woman who sued the Township and its former mayor for refusing to let her speak during two Township Council meetings held in 2009.
In her suit, Janet Piszar, along with Verona resident Marilyn English, who both oppose the killing of deer as a way of managing deer population, said that they attended an April 6, 2009 public meeting of the Cedar Grove Township Council “to present arguments and evidence regarding the efficacy of deer kills and to encourage the Township to employ alternate methods.”  According to the lawsuit, Paul Lee, who was Mayor at the time, and several Council members “repeatedly interrupted Plaintiffs, refused to permit [them] to finish their comments and refused to allow Ms. Piszar to make her presentation regarding deer kills.” 
At a May 18, 2009 public meeting, Mayor Lee allegedly told the pair that “I am not listening to your comments” and accused Ms. Piszar of “denigrating” the Township and implied that unless Ms. Piszar left the podium, she would be arrested.”

Amelia prepares to take this path if the Mayor does not formally apologize to her on April 20th.

P.S. to self: During the last few months Amelia has been following the ACLU involvement in the Vernon, NJ case against the Vernon committee limiting free speech! Another interesting precedent setting situation.