I have a remarkable tale to tell; a yarn to spin.

I have been trying to write this story since February, but it was not until last month that a critical piece of the puzzle emerged. So I guess it was good I waited a bit to write about the character impersonation story.

In February, a person entered my blog and threatened to place me in jail for reasons that are unfounded but claimed to relate to my professional work. This message was sent from a person with an email address that included a first and last name of someone who lives in Frelinghuysenfolly. In this message, the person says Amelia will look good “in an orange jump suit.” But instead of person #1 (the real first and last name person) coming to my blog, someone else, posing as person #1 threatened my profession and my livelihood. They, or he, or she, came to Frelinghuysenfolly, to impersonate another citizen; and, this act is a class 3 felony. If you do this to someone who has, or is, running for political office (at any level of government) then impersonating another person online is a federal crime. Did they know they were breaking the law? And did they understand that they would perhaps serve as the crescendo for Amelia’s novel? That they would leave such an excellent path, with their IP address trail, that they get caught breaking the law while accusing me of breaking the law. Amelia shudders and says “oh dear sweet readers, please, all agree, you can appreciate the deep and twisted irony here. And please please understand that I could not make this stuff up, even if I tried.

Here is what Amelia cooks up. She thinks certain tomfoolers were trying to create a situation where person #1 would come to my “rescue” or start making a fuss about me and about the blog at a town meeting. If this happened then they could align me with person #1 and person #1 has, by some, been seen as a threat.  But you see, the tomfooler/s mis-calculated me. “Hey,” says Amelia, “you do not know me well enough to know how I operate.” And, when this person #1 did not write back to me responding to my cheery email inquiring about the contents of the comment post, the impersonator did not realize that Amelia would go silent to contemplate the meaning of this.  I am betting they also did not contemplate how interesting it would become when the pieces started to be put together.

So, to my blog’s impersonator, if you read my blog, you should know that your plan backfired.  Instead of your blasphemy serving as a means to a “cease and desist” of my blog, you instead created a traceable litany that is so rude, so disrespectful, and so full of bullying intent and harassment, that the implications of this act are only just starting to be felt and understood after months of analysis. Amelia knows, in a moment like this, one can study everything that is wrong with America; everything that ruins utopias; everything that condemns humanity from evolution; everything that drives slander and corruption and inappropriate use of power.

The person writing this “COMMENT” to this blog was not the person whose name appeared, and this caused me some confusion. But I assure you the confusion that will be remarkable will be when the impersonator realizes that they are about to be caught.

Amelia wonders if the “JUST APOLOGIZE TO ME” line would work on this impersonator. She wonders if the person just fessed up and admitted to doing the wrong thing, if that would be enough to satisfy her and the others wronged. She wonders where is the line for “acceptable to address with an apology” and “you have to take legal action.” She determines that the line, a moral philosophical demarcation, can either grow or strengthen, or it can get shorter and shorter, thinner and thinner.