Amelia is wondering if Frelinghuysenfolly recreation committee gets a screening license for the movies they show at town hall.  Just applied for two licenses and damn it is expensive to publically screen films legally. Annoying really, but understandable none-the-less.  Anyone want to wager on whether the screening of Yogi Bear on April 15th is legal?

Anyone want to join the wager on that one? Amelia called Clementine and Birk and Betty and got them to weigh in. It is unanimous. Amelia actually poses this question about the legality of screening films in a public building because if the town has this screening license, which of course she hopes they do, she would like to borrow it and screen a few things in the townhall building too, because that ability to screen films for the public, annually, is a great service and is important to the recreation programs of our town. My youth loves it!

Amelia will screen Sunrise at Campobello (mark your calender) which is a 1960s black and white classic about FDR, and since it is old, it is not expensive as the “just out in video” films.

When speaking about other things, Birk did mention a telling article in the paper today.

I am sure this proves that we are not “different from all the other towns- in fact we are squarely in the majority here! Amelia struggles with the fact that only 3 percent of New Jersey’s local agencies post budget information online, shrouding their financial activities in secret for most of the general public, according to a report from the state comptroller released today.

Amelia can not speak to the budget, because it is too difficult to get to townhall and sit there and study it; but she will try to tomorrow… she does know that there are big job salary increases without new job descriptions, and there is the health care issue.

News of this news story about transparency, and about how “hard it is to participate” (read budget documents online before your township votes on them) is tempered with hard news today that I knew was coming. A HUGE decrease in health benefits to my little family; and the cost of living raise doesn’t cover it. Amelia will talk about how cutting health care costs, and how paying anything less than 50% co-pay when you are a part-time worker, is a sign of mis-appropriation of funds. She is sure this will go over swimmingly.