A few days ago Amelia attended a casting call for a movie that her daughter wants to be an extra in. Amelia stood in line with the kids for a few hours but did not anticipate the talent agent question about where her application was. “Oh, I don’t act; I am here because my daughter is a huge fan of The Hunger Games.”

“But you should send us a photo.” Amelia laughs. This is not one of the hypothesized side paths that this decision to attend this event was supposed to open up. ” I don’t act; I am too busy living” to which he responded, “Fill out the application okay?”

When you leave home, and travel to unknown landscapes, it helps one to understand home. In my travels I am supported, treated with respect, have lovely connections with people I know and do not know, and live for the unpopulated beach scene and the fresh piece of fish. But here, at home, I return to a community that spews words of  hate and disrespect at me.

In a utopia, adults understand that the science fiction of the Hunger Games is in fact a metaphor for adult dysfunction and war mongering; and that it is the youth who will save the adults; that the youth are the only hope for adults who rule through divisiveness.  The adults have learned a stance of opposition rather than union, because it is easier to hate, and to perpetuate hate and distrust, than it is to embrace diversity of view and vision. There is no doubt in my mind that there are adults here in Frelinghuysenfolly who are confounded by being held to the same standard in their town that all towns are held to. Can you imagine? I live in a place where the citizens actually think they are above the rules and regulations, and that someone who asks for rules to be followed is seen as the enemy. Now how can that possibly be the way truth works here?

Thanks readers for your recent views shared to my blog, but they have no role in my utopia or in my novel’s vision other than to be the perfect example of how mis-information flows from the town hall out through the mouths of those who can not seem to hear.

And as an aside, if I do get the gumption up to file that application and serve as a movie extra and make some cash, I will fund the application for a film screening licence for town hall, so that we can actually follow the rules of public film screenings in this country.