Rosanne Cash quoting her father, Johnny Cash:

“Your style is a function of your limitations, more so than a function of your skills.”

A resident who recently posted to my blog was so mis-informed that it is clear who his source of information is, since I have heard it all before and if certain words and approaches emerge, then it is clear who is speaking (behind the speaker). If, as this resident says, good people are trying hard to keep a sense of community through their unselfish efforts, then Mr. Resident your logic would apply to anyone who is participating (not just those who you know personally). Please show me one example of my personal writing exercise destroying the fabric of my town. Show me one example of any “damage” I have done. Give me one tangible example that is worse than elected officials 1) trying to get me fired from my job, 2) lying about me, 3) spreading false information, and generally showing example after example of 4) disrespect and limitation of my voice and viewpoint.

If I allow you to say what you want to say in any public township forum, why can you not afford me the same licence? Perhaps this has to do with being above the same laws that everyone else is expected to follow regarding licensing? There is one set of laws for you and your friends and another set of laws for the rest of us? I am making this town a better place, and I have been since I arrived almost 10 years ago! I thank the Mayor for his recent apology at the last township meeting- although why my correspondence does not appear in the meeting minutes under correspondence is another example of “intentional editorial elimination.” But really, I work almost daily to invert the negative to positive. Blind trust is not in my personality, especially when I gave it to start, and it was abused. And it is not a law that we have to agree.

If you are capable of blind trust, then be consistent and apply it to me in addition to the people who tell you things in passing on the street.  You state, if all you have to offer is criticism, and negativity then perhaps you should keep your bullshit to yourself. Well who is the one swearing and bullying and being negative? YOU ARE! Asking questions and making suggestions is not criticism; participating is not a complaint. When was the last time you attended a township meeting?

This song is an anthem today for adults who are so baffled by the need to engage in divisiveness that they completely, and whole-heartedly, miss the ability to see the power of honest truthful transparency, and the power of questioning as a means of understanding. I remain amazed by elected officials in this town who continue to position me as “anti-recreation” and “anti-kids” because you, dear men, are not capable of even remotely “touching it.”

These lyrics from this iconic English band also resonate this morning as I turn my attention away from the small silly stuff, and back to designing public programs for children and adults, and building utopian visions that extend beyond trucks idling in parking lots!

“The tortured faces expression out aloud
And life’s little ironies seem so obvious now
Your cashed in cheques have placed the payments down
And there’s a line of buses all wait to take you out

But it’s a harmony in my head
It’s a harmony in my head
It’s a harmony in my head
It’s a harmony in my head
It’s a harmony in my head

Whenever I’m in doubt about things I do
I listen to the high street wailing sounds in a queue
I go out for my walking sailing social news
Don’t let it get me down I’m long in the tooth

‘Cos it’s a harmony in my head
It’s a harmony in my head
It’s a harmony in my head
It’s a harmony in my head”