There is no doubt in Amelia’s mind that if one is doing research about Utopia, and one likes film, then the following curatorial pairing should be considered. Watch Changling, featuring Angelena Joli (her lips are gorgeous!) and then watch The Invention of Lying. The drama, real life story Changling, needs to be followed by a comedy. There are very few films that I must get up in the middle of, and leave the room, because it is too much for me, but Changling made me do it twice. Once because of brutality to children, and once because of the electro shock therapy administered to women because they refused to lie to/for the authorities. There is a lot of crying in this real life story; how can one not weep about a single mother whose son is abducted, but the Police return a stand in, and have a press conference,  and deem her insane when she tells them “This is not my son.” How can one accept a culture or a community where anyone with authority lies about a citizen; it simply is not acceptable in any context. This film is truly weepy, and yet remarkably optomistic about how women, when they stay true to their instinct and judgement, can change power.

The Invention of Lying is so amazing brilliant when paired with the lying/non-truth in the Changling.  Its starting point is a science fiction reality, where everyone tells the complete and utter wholehearted truth all the time. And this, is, jarring. Then one man starts layering some non-truths into the culture. Wow. So funny.

In a world where no one fibs, and where fiction does not exist, people take each other at their literal word. Always. There is never a cover-up of “actual thoughts.” This is great, but then watch… while a fib is told, and a story is invented, and all the revolution that starts to happen when fiction emerges.