I am just too annoyed to post.

The empty Frelinghuysen bulletin board in town pushes me over the edge.

Here they could be advertising the new “dump day” policy, reminding you to pick up your voucher… but instead silence. Lack of information certainly will cut costs.

I, for one, am deeply annoyed by the change in clean up day policy. I do not think saving money is always the reason to change things. And Amelia is sure that this policy is best served by those with trucks. All Frelinghuysenfolly elected officials have trucks, and some deal in garbage removal. So to them, taking a load to the dump is no big deal.

I applaud that there is trucking support for the handicapped, and for the elderly; 65 and older.

But what about support to those of us who have two kids, and a small car, and a full-time job, and a husband at a huge international festival, and if she loads up, and takes a load, she’ll remove about 1/5th of the crap to the dump that needs to go to the dump. I just can’t drive all the way to the county dump with the hatch open- the way I could when I went to town hall- just down the road; kids left at home for 10 minutes. What is she gonna do with all the stuff/junk she can’t dump?

What about all the stuff that got “exchanged” at Frelinghuysenfolly clean up days; things shared in the community instead of ending up in the dump? Like the kid who got the tractor, or the bike, or the music stand? Here, to me, there is a “clean up value”; a sharing and exchanging. In Amelia’s utopia “Clean Up Day” is also “exchange and share day” so I could leave an Italian-designed stroller for another family by the dumpster, or it gets tossed after a few days… I wish my elected officials would think about “Clean Up Day” as a good, necessary, real local service; and a job better suited for those with trucks, and containers.

Too bad there isn’t a service I can apply to at Frelinghuysenfolly town hall called  “Citizen without a truck and a husband out-of-town and a full time job and a pile of crap needing to go to the Dump Fund.”

My taxes go up, and my services decline.

Here’s an idea came in from Birk after the Harpies swooped in:

Move trash clean up day from May, to the primary election. Here is where we can all do our part to begin to clean up the town in the best way possible.  Vote out the incumbents! It won’t cost you a thing. Polls will be open to accommodate working individuals! Conveniently locate at town hall as in years past.

Final conundrum: The township authorities locked the building so that recreational exercise class participants can not use the bathroom. Now this, in my opinion, is uncalled for. We are not interested in your business; we are interested in our bodies business. Is this the case when movies are shown? Citizens are at meetings?

UNIFORM POLICY GENTLEMEN; no selective policies; uniform treatment for all citizens regardless of town hall activity or vehicle type.