At the town meeting tonight I was speaking. I said “I can speak.” The Mayor said, “No you can’t. There is a police officer (state police man) behind you and he has a gun.” I said “What? Are you threatening me with a gun for speaking?” And he said “Its a joke.” and I said “It depends on what side of the table you are sitting on as to whether that comment is a joke or not.”

I am a political dissident now. I have been threatened with a gun by the Mayor. Political dissident: broadly defined as a person who actively challenges an established doctrine, policy, or institution. When dissidents unite for a common cause they often effect a change. I refuse to accept the 5 minute, untimed, ununiformably applied policy. I think it is a control device that was not administrated well on the first go. It was so upsetting.

What is my next order of business? My next order of business is to request the audio file of the meeting so I can verbatim the conversation. But really, your should request your own copy so you can listen to the meeting. Then you can prove that I was threatened with a gun by the Mayor for talking.